Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let's Party with new 4th of July Dresses !!!!

Here at Snuggle Bug Kidz we know how much our girls LOVE to dress up, so we went the extra mile to create a fun new pillowcase dress just for them !!!

Our Dresses are made of 100% Pre-washed cotton so no worries of shrinkage or  bleeding dyes in the fabric

A one sided shoulder bow is perfect for those sloping shoulders and small kids who always pull on their clothing. Our dresses also feature an elastic neck band so the dress will continue to keep it's shape ALL DAY!

 This 4th of July dress also includes a fun 4 inch Denim striped hem to add a little hip look to the outfit.

Want a shorter dress ? No problem...Give us a length and we'll make what you need... Pair this with a red tutu and your set to wow the crowd !! 

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