Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome to our New Blog !!

Join us daily for new blog features and information on what's new with Snuggle Bug Kidz !!

So to kick off our new blog, here's a little bit about me...


I'm a young mom of 3 beautiful kids, we live in MN, and we LOVE the summers, that's only because it's only warm here for 3 months out of the year! HAHA!!

Meet the family... We have code names for the kids... My son ...AKA... Ninja Master,  My youngest daughter in the middle... AKA... Sweet Petunia.... and my oldest daughter...AKA... Jumping Bean...My
husband Steven and I'm Melena..AKA... Craft Queen !


Snuggle Bug Kidz was born out of the desire to find good quality, fun clothing, and accessories for my kids. When I gave birth to my first daughter we didn't know she was going to be a "preemie," she weighed in at only a little over 4 pounds.  I couldn't find anything in the stores that would fit her. No retail outlet in our area even carried preemie clothing.  This is where the beginning of Snuggle Bug Kidz took place. With no where else to turn, I began asking family and friends if they could help make some clothing for my daughter.

Almost exactly 4 years later my 2nd daughter was born. At birth she had a perfectly round head but over time she developed  Plagiocephaly  which is a cranial abnormality which causes your child's head to be lopsided . With the help of our Dr. we were able to get her fitted for a CranioCap Orthosis to help correct the problem. While having a conversation with her Dr. I realized the huge need for a decorative hat for these orthosis. The CranioCap was a ugly plain white plastic helmet. I couldn't believe there wasn't anything to cover these things !  I began discussing with the Dr. about how we could cover these plastic helmets in a way that makes it fun for the kids and the parents. The Dr. had said many parents won't go in public with the helmets on and therefore the children end up in them for much longer then they need to. This was my " AH-HA moment"...

As time went on and the busyness of life took over I began to realize the huge need for not only preemie clothing, and CranioCap covers, but for the need to celebrate the FAMILY as a whole.  We're all different. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and we all have our funny quirks !

Being a young mom of 3 has it's challenges and one of those challenges is to find good quality merchandise at a great price. As my kids have grown and their personalities began to shine I wanted to make accessories, and clothing, that matched who they were... FUN...ACTIVE..and PLAYFUL....this is where the Snuggle Bug Adventure began! . With the help of two great friends, Ashley and Rebekah,  I believe we’ve created a brand of clothing and fun accessories that will truly bring a smile to anyone who wears them.